Used cooking oil recycling service is required by the FOGS inspectors in Fountain Valley.  Not having the proper proof or manifest can lead to citations and fines.  Waste oil from commercial deep fryers must must be placed in a proper container and collected by a licensed IKG hauler.

Fountain Valley

Top Used Cooking Oil Collection For RestaurantsIt is required by the city Fountain Valley, for all food servicing establishments to hire a licensed used cooking oil collection company to pick up and properly remove their waste cooking oil. As grease collection recycling companies, we must ensure that all waste is transported safely and disposed properly.  The majority of used cooking oil collected from commercial kitchens are filtered and processed turning it into renewable fuel called biodiesel. With a large increase in food servicing estabishments, a substantial amount of coming from restaurants are responsible for a major percentage of fueling transportation vehicles.

Grease Collection Service

If you are a new establishment in search of a dependable used grease removal service or are looking into switching for a reliable used cooking oil collection company in Fountain Valley, California; Harbor Bio is the company for you. Our dedicated team of experts takes great pride on our stupendous customer service that no other company can match. We offer immediate service response to eliminate any hold up or inconvenience of having an abundant amount of waste cooking oil. Licensed, insured and approved by the city, state and county; we will make sure that you are in full compliant when it comes to waste cooking oil disposal for your commercial kitchen.

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City Compliance Requirements

When choosing a grease collection company, it is the restuarant accountability to perform of their own due diligence when hiring servicer. When being audited by the health or city inspector, they will require proof of service known as a manifest report from a state approved inedible kitchen grease (IKG) waste collector. Failing to provide the proper documentation can lead to fines, citation or store closure.

Licensed and insured by the state, city and county we make certain that you are in full compliance set by the local municipalities regarding properly disposing waste oil and grease from your commercial kitchen. All waste collected from your location are properly manifested, recycled or disposed at a state, city and county approved waste treatment station.

Grease Receptacle – Used Cooking Oil Storage Container

All kitchen and customer has their own requirements when it comes to storage and placement of inedible kitchen grease holder. We offer various containers based on the needs of our customers whether you are limited on interior space or in need of a large bin; we have the equipment that will be best suited for you. Furthermore, our service will include a quarterly container replacement or cleaning for sanitation purpose or from preventing it from attracting unwanted pests.

How Much Is Grease Removal and Recycling Service For Restaurant Commercial Kitchen?

The used cooking oil pick up service we provide is free as long as we are collecting a minimum of 40 gallons during every pick up. For large producers or quantity of waste oil (over 200 gallons), we also offer incentive rebate program. With the free service includes scheduled, on demand (4-36 hour Response) and quarterly container cleaning service.

Set Up Used Cooking Oil Pick Up Service In Fountain Valley, California

To request for our commercial used cooking oil collection service you can either call our toll free number at 888-511-4645 or email us at When emailing please provide the following information:

  • Name of the Establishment
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Service Address
  • Email Address
  • Hours of Operations
  • Preferred Time of Service

Once your information is received we will immediately response via email or telephone to provide you with scheduled container delivery. Requesting Used Cooking Oil Collection Service If your container is full and are in need of immediate service, please contact our office immediately at 888-511-4645. To better satisfy our customers, we have strategic alliances with other grease collection companies throughout Southern California. In most cases, our affiliates are able to provide immediate assistance such as used cooking oil waste pick up and emergency grease trap service when necessary.

Grease - Oil Spill and Clean Up

If you have spilled a large amount of used cooking grease on the ground it is important to not let the oil spill settle to prevent it from staining or creating a larger contamination. Begin with using sand absorbent to soak up all liquid spillage. Pour a generous amount of sand absorbent on the contaminated area and mix it soaking up all liquids. Once all liquid is absorbed, sweep and properly dispose. Repeat this process until all spilled grease is absorbed. Before washing down the contanimated area create a barrier to prevent the water from spreading. Importantly, be sure to have a proper water recovery system to prevent contamination from entering city storm drains or sewer line. For excessive amount of spills, we highly suggest to attain professional assistance.

Used Cooking Oil Collection Companies

Finding a dependable used cooking oil collection company can be a task for many reasons such as dependability or compliance issues. Here at Habor Bio you will not have to worry about either one. As a local grease collection company we are able to attend to customers within 4-48 hours. Along with our immediate response time our company is here to prevent you from any citations by keeping you in compliance with all waste oil grease disposal regulations set by the local municipalities.

Top Reasons Why Customers Choose Harbor Bio

There are plenty of used cooking oil collection companies around, but only a handful provide you with a complete grease management solutions for all your grease recycling and disposal needs. See why we are the top choice for waste cooking oil collection service in Fountain Valley.

  • City, County and State Approved Inedible Kitchen Waste Hauler
  • In Compliance With All City, State and County Regulations
  • Best Customer Service
  • Full Service Grease Company
  • ECO Friendly Grease Recycling Service
  • Complete Manifesting
  • Latest Equipment
  • 24 Hour Emergency

Harbor Bio understands that to be the top grease management company, we have to adapt to the ever changing wants and needs of our customers. Being in a fast pace environment, it is our responsibility to be responsive to our customers when it comes to the services we are providing them. Therefore, as a company we pledge to provide superb customer service to our current and future customers.

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Sell Bulk Quantity of Used Cooking Oil

If you have a large amount of used cooking oil or expired food grade oil of over 200 gallons or more, we will pay you top dollar for your product. To learn more call us at 888-511-4645 to learn more.

#1 Used Cooking Oil Collection Service For Commercial Kitchen

At Harbor Bio we are dedicated to provide superb, high quality and dependable service. We take the time to understand the needs or our customers to deliver based on their service request and we will make certain that you in full compliant with all regulations set by the city, county and state. Get to know why restaurants are making to the switch to Harbor Bio by calling us at 888-511-4645 today.

Other Grease Services

Harbor Bio is a one stop shop for food servicing establishment's when it comes to their commercial kitchen servicing needs. We are proud to announce that aside from our waste fryer oil removal and pick up service, our team and partners also provide the following:

  • Grease Trap and Interceptor FOG Waste Removal Service
  • Hood and Exhaust Cleaning
  • High Pressure Washing With Water Recovery
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Removal and Disposal
  • Hydro Jet Plumbing Main and Branch Line Cleaning
  • Sump and Pit Pump Service and Repair
  • Grease Trap Install and Replacement
  • Grease Trap and Interceptor Repair (T-Pipes and Baffles)
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Other Related Services

  • Grease Trap & Interceptor Cleaning Click To Call

    Due to a rising number of city sewer sanitation oveflows (SSO's), it is a requirement by the city of Fountain Valley, Ca. waste water department for food servicing establishments to maintain their FOGS separator device on a timely manner. These devices are designed to reduce the percentage of grease and solid waste contamination from entering the city sanitary line. Failing to clean these devices on a timely manner can lead to citation and major plumbing problems.

    • Hydro Jet Plumbing Click To Call

      Unlike sewer lines, the majority of waste water running through the kitchen plumbing will consist of heavy FOGS waste. FOGS waste adhere to pipes and over time decreasing the capacity and eventually clogging the pipe completely. Compared to a snake which will only loosen the wall build up, hydro jetting the lines will clean the pipes throughly washing away most if not all build up on the walls of the pipes.

  • Sell Bulk Used or Out of Code Cooking Oil (over 1000 gallons) Click To Call

    Whether you are a licensed grease collector, food manufacturer or a company that have substantial amount of waste food grade oil, we are ready to pay you top dollar for your bulk oil. We can provide trucking or railing from your destination and pay you the same day. Call our office today for our best prices.

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