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Used Cooking Oil Collection

Restaurant Grease Collection Service

Restaurant Disposal of used cooking oil in Buena Park, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Orange, Huntington Beach. We recycle used cooking grease from restaurant offerring free oil removal service.  How to dispose used cooking oil from fryer and get money from used restaurant oil. FSE waste disposal in Orange County.

Restarant (FSE) Grease Collection Service

Restaurants and other food servicing establishments (FSE) are required to attain service from a used cooking oil collection company to pick up waste oil from fryers oil generated from the commercial kitchen. In efforts to protect the city sewers from costly overflows or blockage, city inspectors are now becoming stricter by increasing their workforce to actively monitor restaurants.

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Prevent Fines and Citations

When FOGS inspectors come to a location, their main goal is to make sure that the used cooking oil is being disposed properly and that the waste oil is being stored properly.

When choosing a used cooking oil company, it is important to make certain that they are fully licensed by the state. Keep in mind that it is the establishment’s responsibility to make certain that the grease collection company that is hired has the proper state licensing to prevent any troubles with the city inspector. During every visit, the examiner will ask for evidence also known as a manifest as proof that the waste cooking oil is properly being disposed or recycled a state certified company. Without that proof, the examiner can either issue you a citation or a warning.

To prevent accidents or spillage you must have the proper receptacle as well as a responsive grease collection company that will collection your used fryer oil on a timely manner. A well experienced grease collection company will be able to observe and provide you with the best solution that suits your location as far as the proper grease container and size. Furthermore, it is important to make certain that the grease collection company is responsive in terms of being able to pick up your waste cooking oil in a timely manner. A container full of waste cooking oil can be a threat for unwanted spillage or a hazardous spill.

At Harbor Bio, we are a fully licensed and experience company that take time to understand the needs of our customers. We know that the food servicing industry is a fast paced environment and disposal of used cooking oil should be the last thing on your mind. As a commitment to you, we will make certain that you are in full compliant by providing you all the necessary manifest form and most of all deliver routine service schedule prevent any unwanted incident from occurring.

Grease Storage Containers

Every commercial kitchen will vary in size and amount of space available which is why we conveniently offer various sizes of used cooking oil receptacles. We offer both indoor and outdoor storage tanks ranging from 30 up to 200 gallons therefore, we are positive that we will have the right container suited for you. In addition, due to changes in city regulation we are now making available a spill catcher. These units are designed to catch overspills preventing it from spilling on the ground.

Used Cooking Oil Collection Service (Scheduled or On Demand)

Harbor Bio offers both scheduled or on demand service based on your needs and / or requirements: weekly, monthly, quarterly or immediate collection. Between Harbor Bio and our partners we have been recognized as the most reliable grease collection company throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Diego. Whether you are a new food servicing establishment or are looking for a new servicer, we guarantee that we can offer your 100% service satisfaction.

Free Grease Collection Service

For over five years we have been successfully offering our free scheduled used cooking oil collection to our customers. In order for us to sustain free used grease collection services, we must collect a minimum of 40 gallons of used fryer oil.

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Spillage and Overflows

In case of a grease spill, it is important to make sure that it is cleaned up before it causes an accident. When cleaning up the spill, do not to use water right away because it will cause it to spread affecting a larger area. We suggest immediately placing sand absorbent over the affected area until the area is dried up to prevent heavy stains. You may have to repeat these steps a few times depending on the severity of spillage contamination you are dealing with. Once you have fully cleaned the affected area, you can use degreaser and high pressure was the ground to remove the stain left behind. Before using any degreaser or cleaning product, check and make sure that the water does not enter the city storm drains. Any contamination into the city storm drains can lead to hefty fines therefore, it is highly recommended that you have a water recovery system in place to prevent any contamination.

Money For Used Cooking Oil Recycling

If you are restaurant or a food manufacturer that have over 200 gallons of used cooking oil monthly, we are able to provide you with a used cooking oil recycling rebate. Incentive will vary based on the current market pricing and will be paid monthly. Customer must provide a copy of manifest record and mail it to Harbor Bio PO Box 6514, Anaheim, Ca 92816. To learn more about our program please call us at 888-511-4645.

#1 Used Cooking Oil Collection Service For Commercial Kitchen

At Harbor Bio we are dedicated to provide superb, high quality and dependable service. Licensed and insured, we will make certain that you in full compliant with all regulations set by the city, county and state. Get to know why restaurants are making to the switch to Harbor Bio by calling us at 888-511-4645 today.

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