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Harbor Bio Grease is a dedicated grease mangement company serving restaurants and other food servicing establishment throught the Orange and Los Angeles County. Our focus is to ensure that your commercial kitchen are in full compliance and always at its best when it comes to all your grease and plumbing related needs. Specializing in used cooking oil recycling, grease trap & interceptor pumping, hood & exhaust cleaning, high pressure washing and plumbing services; we are the one stop shop for you.

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Used cooking oil collection, grease trap pumping, hydro jet plumbing, grease interceptor installation service.  We offer all in one solutions for all your commercial kitchen needs. Servicing Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling REBATE

$$$ Rebate For Your Oil (Call Us For Details)

It is by city code that all restaurants and or other food servicing establishments to properly dispose waste cooking oil or grease from deep fryers or frying pans. To ensure that you are in full compliant, we will provide you with the proper storage containter, a scheduled collection service, and the necessary manifest report for your records.

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Grease Trap & Interceptor

Pumping & Cleaning Service

Failing to service your grease trap or grease interceptor will not only keep you from being compliant but also, cause your lines to clog or device to overflow. Rest assure that when cleaning and pumping your FOGS device we will make certain that all accessible waste are removed and disposed at an approved waste water plant. All services will include a manifest report showing all findings and recommendations.

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Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

Safety First

Did you know that most fires that occur in commercial kitchens are due to grease build up on hoods and exhausts? Failing to properly service your hoods and exhausts not only puts your kitchen it danger but also your staff and the public. Let our experts provided you with a complete hood and exhaust cleaning.

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Hydro Jet Plumbing Service

Keep It Flowing

If you have ever had a drain back up or an main line blockage; you understand the importance of preventative maintenance. Hydro jet plumbing services is the most effective way to restore your line to its original condition. Combining decades of experience with the latest plumbing machinery, we know what it takes to bring your plumbing back nearly to its original condition. By blasting away heavy grease build up stuck on the walls of your pipe; it will certainly keep your drains from slowing down or backing up. Since commercial kitchen lines contain heavy grease build up versus sewer lines, hydro jetting is the best way to fully clean it versus using a rooter or snake.

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High Pressure Washing

Prevent Huge Fines

We offer complete grease spill high pressure washing clean up service with water recovery. We make certain that all grease is properly cleaned without contaminating the city sewer lines.

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We understand that in the Food Servicing Industry world, immediate response and high service quality is a must. As a company, we are dedicated and have tailored our services based on the wants and needs or of our customers. As a team we pledge to deliver the finest quality of service needed to fully satisfy our customers.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Collection and Reycling of Waste Cooking Oil. Scheduled or On Demand, We Offer Fast Response Time To As Low As 2 Hours. All Waste Fryer Oil Collected Are Recycled Into Renewable Energy In Efforts Of Protecting The Planet We Live In.

Grese Trap Cleaning

Im Compliance With All Regulations Set By The Waste Water District, Health Inspectors or Fire Department, Our Grease Trap Cleaning Service Includes: Complete Removal of Fats, Oils, Grease, and Solids to Eliminate or Reduce the Amount of FOGS Waste Entering The City Sanitary Line.

Grease Interceptor Pumping

In Akin To A Grease Trap, Interceptors Functionality Is Similar To A Grease Trap But In a Larger Volume Scale. Our Service Includes Removal of All Grease, Water and Solids Waste Inside The Divice To Minimize Main and Sewer Line Contamination. Licensed & Approved By The CDFA We Will Help You Stay In Compliance.

Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

Complete Cleaning, Hot Pressure Washing, and Scraping of Heavy Grease Sludge Build Up. Preventative Care Can Keep You, Your Staff and Customers Safe From Fire Hazards. By maintaining and keeping your hood and exhaust system from grease contamination, you drastically reduce the likelihood having your kitchen catch on fire.

Hydro Jetting Service

Most Effective Way To Clean and Remove Heavy Build Up Residing Inside The Pipelines. Using up to 3,500 PSI of Water Pressure at 7-10 Gallons Per Minute. Pressurized water jetting service is the best choice for cleaning your kitchen lines for the fact that it will blast and remove stubborn grease and build up sticking on the walls of your pipes.

High Pressure Washing

Grease Spills? No Problem, We Offer Complete High Pressure Washing With Water Recovery. Whether you have an overflowing grease trap or have spilled a large amount of waste cooking oil on the ground, we are fully equipped properly remove all contamination.


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grease collection service in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Grease Trap Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach Grease Collection service, Venice Beach Grease Pumping, Pumping of Used Cooking Oil In Long Beach, Cerritos, Artesia. Used Cookin Oil Collection Service Near Me. We offer the best recycling service for used cooking oil in the area. with over 25 years of combined experience harbor bio is the Grease Management Solution Company. we offer Buena Park Korean Restaurant Grease Collection, Hydro Jet Plumbing , Hood and Exhaust cleaning service for restaurants and commercial kitchen. UCO is the oil we will purchase.

Commercial Kitchen Specialist

When working with us, rest assure that you are teaming up with a company that is in full compliant with all CDFA regulations. All grease waste and used cooking oil collected from restaurants are fully recycled into renewable energy. Together we are making this world better.
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  • "IT'S BACK!!! We Are Now Rebating For Used Cooking Oil. Call Us Today and See If You Qualify For Our Incentive Program. "

  • "Unlike Grease From Grease Traps And Interceptors, Used Fryer or Cooking Oil Only Carries a Small Percentage of Acid In Which Why it is Used To Make Bio Diesel."

    Facts About Used Cooking Oil
  • "The 25% Rule For Grease Traps and Interceptors Simply States That Once The Devices Reaches A 25% Combined Amount of Grease and Solids, The Unit Will Release More FOGS Waste Into The Main Line Leading to The City Sanitation Sewer Line."

    Preventative Maintenance

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